Grande Dame VIDZ Avail NOW!

Dear Friends! After several requests for my videos, I have finally gotten my files together. These are just the visuals, no sound – when I have some time I’ll do one with sound. This is more as a visual light feature. You can either get a USB stick or download the link and save them to usb. Press play on your flat screen TV and they loop for infinity! It’s great for parties! I am selling them for £50. It may seem like a lot of money for an hours worth of vids but – it takes me one month per minute. So that’s 60 months worth of work! 5 years basically! So impress your friends with my psychedelic projections. For personal use only, bars, clubs and visuals people must purchase a different agreement. Ok, click the paypal button and I will email you the download link, or send you the USB stick – whichever you prefer – and free shipping anywhere on the planet! Whoa! That’s a deal!!! Or just fill in the contact form with your email & instructions. Easy! Ok more soon! oxo GD

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