Some people go off to University and get their degrees in History, Literature, Science etc… I majored in partying. I have always been keen on that particular subject. I had a fake ID that said I was 27 when I was 17 and would go to Weekends & Club Rio in Atlanta, I was part of the San Francisco Rave Scene, A New York drag performer and London Club Kid (technically I was an adult tho – ha!); so I am pretty experienced in that arena. But in all my years of clubbing, I have to say hands down Outrageous Decadence do the BEST NEW YEARS PARTY EVER!

I’m kinda superstitious about going out on New Years. Crowds can be off putting, and it always seems to attract the same ilk of amateurs akin to St Paddys day celebrations – fights, puking etc… Plus you have expectations to have fun, which is not always guaranteed. Also someone said to me years ago “make sure if you do celebrate New Years, to be with good people as it can be an omen to the year to come.” Well I dj’d at their NYE Party last year and it was honestly the best party I had ever been too. And this has been a great year for me so I shall continue the tradition.

I can attest that the people that do the night are truly amazing and go all out with their theme. This year is Grimms Fairy Tales – It’s Grimm in St Leonards. There will be people dressed in amazing costumes, wacky props, visuals, great music and hilarious performances. You can dress up if you wish, but it’s not required. But either way you will have a blast! Everyone I met that night – the patrons and organizers – were so fun! And it’s in the Masonic Hall which is such a great space! And I will be DJing again this year too! Hopefully early so I can imbibe in the libations…

To top it all off, proceeds from the event go to help a local charity – this year it’s the Dragonflies, which mentors young people who have lost a parent. So not only do you have the time of your life, you’re helping local children! Tickets are £18/ £13 for students. So Click the pic or here for more info and I’ll see you on the Dancefloor! oxo GD


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