Grande Dame Psychedelic Animated Emojis!

Several months back, a friend suggested I make Facebook Stickers. I didn’t even know what they were, so I ignored her – sorry Amelia! Ha! But she kept suggesting it to me. I finally figured out what they were – illustrated emojis you can post for Facebook comments rather than words. I looked into it and found out – it’s impossible to make THOSE particular stickers. You have to be asked by Facebook, they don’t let just any sticker maker upload their work. I was disappointed, but sniffed around and found this great app called imoji. It lets artists upload their own art, as well as, allows other people share it. So I uploaded tons! At the mo – it works best in messenger. All the emoji stickers are fully animated in that platform. There are other sharing options available too – instagram, text, what’s app etc… BUT in the other platforms, it grabs a still from the animation and posts that, rather than a moving loop like it does in messenger. Hopefully soon it will work in the Facebook comment section and soon I will dominate the world with my psychedelic, animated emoji stickers! Still have tons more to upload! Stop sending boring smiley faces! Be cool and share a veiny skull, bouncy clown, alien & more! Click here to get the free app! Once installed type Grande Dame into the search and all my trippy emojis will appear like magic! Enjoy! Happy sharing! More soon oxo GD

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