Bottle Alley Battle…

GD Bottle Alley 1 I thought I would share a couple pix I have seen of my work hanging in Bottle Alley in Hastings, UK as part of the Zeroh Studio collaboration for the Coastal Currents Arts Festivals Opening Ceremony. Sadly it was defaced by bad poetry in red marker with curse words all over it & now looks like the council will take it down.
Bottle Alley 2 by GD People chilling out by my work at the opening ceremony night. Totally gutted as I will never get to see it, or even a photo with the sea behind it. Nothing. Why are people so selfish? I will never understand. I am not going to put the “poets” name up as they don’t deserve credit. But people in Hastings know who it is… Such a shame – major time and money put in this project… 🙁 GD
POST UPDATE – I was able to find a pic with the sea behind courtesy of the Coastal Currents Official FB page, so at least I get a photo of it. Not the same of course. Oh well…
Some very nice people went down Bottle Alley and painted over the bad poetry! They had to paint over it twice because the marker was so dark. Me & Booboo took a stroll this morning and it all looks brilliant so yay! 🙂


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