What A Truly Sweet Day!


Yesterday my neighbor’s Jeff & Sophie came to mine for Christmas lunch. We agreed to make different things – I would do dessert (the best homemade mince pies ever, which I picked up from a local hotel) & the main – chinese style slow roast duck. I was a bit nervous about it, and when I awoke yest morn, I nearly knocked on their door to return the duck and bail out. But I am a woman of my word & if I say I am going to do something, I do it. I had never roasted a duck before, but that wasn’t the problem, it was roasting a duck in an electric oven! Since moving to my new place I have yet to get my head around the stove, and even frying an egg has been difficult. I kinda thought deep down I would sabotage it all and ruin xmas! Damn you Catholic guilt! Ha Ha! But I found a pretty good recipe all though I tweaked it a bit by blasting it at the beginning and the end. But it came out just like you get in Chinese restaurants! I was pretty surprised, and proud! And who knows, if all else fails, I can always go work in a Chinese kitchen!


It was a wonderful day.  The weather really turned beautiful and the lighting in my house changed a million times. The universe’s daily theatrical review was on show!


Afterwards Sophie and I posed for pics and played rhythmic gymnast! It was great!


As much as I am not a holidays person, I will have to get over it. When you live in such a magnificent space, you have to entertain. Kinda felt like a scaled down version of Auntie Mame. Next year it will be full on!


Hope you all are stll having a wonderful time where ever you are! oxoxo gd

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