Yay Oxfam!

I live right across the street from a big Oxfam and go there to check if there’s anything at least 3 times a week. I usually find something, but not always. Most of the time it’s all that disposable cheap crap from high street chain stores, nothing high quality, nothing well made. Plus with the advent of ebay and the like, Oxfam are usually hip to their expensive donations and tend to auction the higher priced goods off. But luckily today I scored these amazing brand new LANVIN loafers!! Originally they sold for £300!!! I paid £18!! I couldnt really afford it, but I can’t pass up a bargain. A few weeks back I found some gorgeous Chloe heels, really cool, black patent leather, dominatrix court shoes for £3.99!! Unfortch they were not my size, EU 37, which is tiny, but luckily my best friend has tiny feet so I got them for her. They were over £500 new! This is why I love thrift stores. When you find that golden nugget for a fraction of the price, it’s like I won! I found the treasure! Winning! Yes! oxo gd

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