Princess Alice

I was so looking forward to watching Channel 4’s The Queens Mother in Law and it was a fascinating view. Princess Alice was born in 1883 at Windsor Castle. She was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She was born totally deaf but taught herself to lip read in 3 languages!!! She married Greek Prince Alexander of Teck. Once she settled in Greece, she had 4 children – 3 daughters and Prince Phillip, war soon broke out with Turkey and all hell broke loose. Instead of fleeing a young Alice went to the frontline and nursed the wounded! The Royal family was banished and sent into exile from Greece, after living off family in England Alice began to go a bit stir crazy & had religious visions of Jesus, mainly sexual fantasies! A girl’s gotta dream right! She was sent away to germany and had experimental treatments, including having her ovaries X-rayed to help start menopause, then she was kidnapped at the orders of her mother and sent to a Swiss sanatorium against her will. She was basically in jail and could not leave for 5 years. When she was able to leave she cut herself off from her family and travelled around Germany. She eventually went back to Greece and it was there she started her own order of Nuns! Christian Sisterhood of Martha and Mary. She sold off all of her jewels and expensive possessions to fund her charity and orphanage, which is still in existence!! This is Prince Phillips mom!! And if that isnt all, when the Nazis occupied Greece, she hid a jewish family in her house for a year and kept them safe and alive! She eventually lived out the rest of her years at Buckingham Palace, still wearing her nun habit, and she died with no possessions. She is buried atop the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. After her death Philip was given an award on her behalf of “Righteous Among Nations” by the Israeli govt, for keeping her Jewish friends safe. WOW WOW WOW WOW! Really blown away. What a hard life, being deaf and shunned by your family, even locked up against your will for years, rejecting the wealth and privilege for a life of poverty and helping the needy, sick, abandoned and hungry. Really moved that this was Prince Philips mom. Makes the Royal Family seem more human. oxo gd

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