Animal Planet Update

It’s been a week & a day since Tom the cat came to live with us. The first 2 days were amazing! Boo Boo was curious and Tom would come and lie down next to him and want to play. It was bliss. But the first 2 nights Tom meowed non stop from 2 am to 5 am!!! No one got any sleep and by the third day I was a wreck. Boo Boo started to bully Tom by chasing him. I totally forgot Caesar Milans mantra of calm and assertive, and instead spent the day cooing to Tom in a baby voice to reassure him, then snapping at Boo Boo and scolding him in a gruff manor. By the end of the day Boo Boo was mad and was growling at me. Then I realised, oops, I’m doing this all wrong! Since then things have been much better. Tom has sorted his sleep schedule out and is not meowing so much, except when he wants food. And Boo Boo, all though a bit jealous, is still curious too. I started doing a daily socialization time, getting both of them in the living room and playing. A cat and a ball of string is fun for infinity! Today Boo Boo got in on the action and started playing with the ball. It’s not total bliss yet and they arent playing like they used to, but hopefully in time everyone will work out their place and get used to each other and comfortable enough to where they can play together. So far so good tho! More soon. oxo gd

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