The Wrong Wing

American politics gets scarier and scarier every year. If these two nut jobs get elected, all I can see is doom for America and the world. The mind boggles that people running for the highest office on the planet can refuse to release their tax returns and still have a chance?? Do there supporters not care that they are hiding things? Do they not care Mitt has not paid the same as them? Not only is Mitt Romney a tax dodging liar, he is also a dog abuser! And his lovely wife is also an animal abuser and was sued for selling an over drugged horse! And Ryan is the embodiment of evil who hates women. Wants to ban abortion, birth control, and planned parenthood.  And if that isn’t enough, he doesn’t think women deserve equal pay as men! And just like Bush and Cheney starting wars so they and there buddies could profit, you better believe these guys are chompin at the bit to get in there and push the button! I can’t stand the tories, but man, the GOP makes them look like free loving hippies! Even the tories think they’re bonkers and distance themselves far away. The real problem though is the “religious” furor that has engulfed the US for the last 15 years. By religious I mean, mob mentality of people united together in hate. That’s the thing, the people that would vote for them dont care about policy, or transparency, all they care about is hating gays, and having their guns. What on earth those things have to do with Jesus, I will never know. As we witnessed in the chicken crusade, these people come out in droves, and they will all be voting. If only the left could come together and vote like these mad people eat chicken… gd

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