The Truth About Cats & Dogs

Well I am pleased to say yesterday went much better than I expected. To be honest, I tried cats before and it didn’t work that well, Boo Boo was younger and more aggressive and the cats were not socialised and very scared, it ended up being mayhem. I worried this would go wrong, the opportunity to take Tom was just presented to me on Saturday. Anyhoo, I took Boo Boo on a super long walk in the morning. Then my husband took him out again for a few hours, so I could get Tom acquainted with his new surroundings on his own. I had about 2 hours with him. He did immediately run to the back door and stare out of it, scratching and meowing. But eventually he went exploring all the nooks and crannies and we had a good old cuddle session on my bed. He purred and rolled around, so I knew he would be ok.
By the time Boo Boo got back he was beat! Plus I had pigs ears to give him, which he was much more interested in. He has known Tom for 2 years now. Knows his smell, so wasn’t aggressive at all. He was curious and his tail was wagging. Luckily Tom is not afraid of Boo Boo or anyone, his confidence put Boo Boo in his place.
After an hour meet and greet, we just did our usual evening TV veg and let Tom alone. He eventually made his way up and laid down next to Boo Boo like it was any other day. I was over the moon! At night Boo Boo normally sleeps with me, but it was hot, as I closed all the windows, so he slept on the floor at one end of the bed and Tom was at the other end. Tom did jump up on the bed to clean himself. I drifted off to sleep eventually. But was woken up at 2:30 am with a chorus of meows! I got up and gave him some snacks, but gave up after awhile, plus I went online and read some websites that said just to ignore it. At about 4am I gave in to sleep, and Tom stopped crying and found a sleeping place under my bed.
Boo Boo got agressive with him this morning but it was my fault as I was feeding Boo Boo and he is very funny about meals. I’ll just have to remember to keep Tom out of the way at feeding time. But other than the obvs crying in the new surroundings, everything has gone incredibly well. He hasnt hidden himself away. He’s engaging with Boo Boo and me. And Boo Boo is curious. Hopefully Tom’s presence will calm Boo Boo when I am out. He has separation anxiety and barks like mad as soon as I shut the door. Anyhoo, today it’s flea meds, feliway, and catnip. A few weeks inside here & hopefully he’ll forget about his old house across the street… oxo gd

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