The Cat Who Thought He Was A Dog

Today is a big day in my house, as we are welcoming a new addition of the feline variety. His name is Tom and he is the coolest cat I have ever met. He has lived at the News Agents across the street from me for the last 2 years. He practically owns this block in Dalston. He spends most days roaming from business to business. He spends half the day hanging out at the Post Office. Not a shy cat at all, he loves to check out people, dogs and things. On Saturdays when the waste market is on. My fave junk dealer Norman always has treats for Boo Boo, so that’s the first thing we do is go see him. Tom the cat is usually there eating dog treats too. Tom & Boo Boo have always got on and played. Tom is the only cat Boo Boo has ever liked. Our daily ritual for the last few years has been to say hello to Tom and if he’s not around Boo Boo goes a bit mad. I love this cat to bits. To be honest I wish he could stay put, he is like the pope of the neighbourhood, everyone LOVES HIM! But the new owners of the News Agent don’t want him. They haven’t been caring for him at all. Leaving him locked out, not feeding him. Apparently they gave him to someone locally and Tom made his way back! Oops! At 1pm today I’m going to go across the street and get him. Boo Boo will be out on a very long walk, so that when he comes back and realises Tom is there, he’ll be very tired. I don’t want him trying to go back to the News Agent, mainly because I live across the street and it’s a very, very busy street, he wouldn’t make it. So, my plan is to keep him inside for the first week or so. I know he’s going to hate it, but I will give him lots of food and play with him and do everything I can to make him love his new home. People have always remarked how cute it is when they see Boo Boo & Tom playing together, so hopefully this will work out. He is so cool! And it’s good for Boo Boo to have a buddy. Wish me luck! And if anyone has any advice, please share! I really want this to work! Thanx! oxo gd

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