Middle Class Tastes

Last nights installment of In The Best Possible Taste was a curious study of social climbing. I do not get the carbon copy middle classes. All living in their cookie cutter homes that you can’t tell apart. I have a relative that lived in a neighborhood like that and I had a nervous breakdown every time I went to visit, as I could never find the street! Every home was a carbon copy of the next! Why do people want the same as everyone else? And the lady that lived in the show home complete with all the furnishings! Creepy! It’s like they’re just these programmed robots. She liked it cos she didn’t have to choose. WTF? Perplexing! And the Jaime Oliver kitchen parties are the new tupperware – buy into his lifestyle. Yuk! I relate much more to the eclectic taste makers. It doesn’t matter what it costs, as long as you like it. I love Grayson Perry! His work speaks to me! I can not wait to see these tapestries in the flesh! gd

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