It Pays To Be A Nerd

Yesterday the weirdest thing happened with my computer. I was working in Flash on a drawing and all of the sudden these grey lines appeared on the screen like dozens of zippers. The computer just totally froze. I first assumed it was a Chrome/ mac conflict. I love Chrome as a browser, but it really takes a lot of the processor juice. I shut down, unplugged non mac peripherals, and re-plugged original mouse. I opened firefox, worked fine. I ran disk utility, no probs, “appears to be ok” it said. Then the zippers started back. Swear to god, it was like the game centipede. They just took over the screen and started raining down, computer froze and I got a warning flag saying “reboot”. But when I tried to reboot, it just got to the grey apple and the zippers came back, froze, reboot, repeat. After a panicky search I found it’s a MAJOR prob for Apple and something they won’t discuss on their support. Mainly cos it’s a design flaw! The graphics card overworks, causing the computer to overheat, melting the logic board! They recently lost a case in France over this prob. Unfortch, my computer is old and my apple care has expired, but I found a few tricks to save it. For one, I finally managed to restart in “Safe Mode” by holding down the shift key until the grey wheel appeared. I installed SMC Fan Control. I set my fan settings a bit higher as I know my machine is hotter than hell. I also deleted some of the ATI Radeon Extensions, which seemed to help. Def follow the instructions in the link as I didn’t have sound or a screen when I rebooted. Also I switched back to Safari, cos I know it doesn’t use up the processor, and that’s what makes things hot. I know this machine is on it’s way to the graveyard, I have worked it to death. But luckily I got my files and have bided my trusty machine a little more time. I’m a geek & proud! oxo gd

PS – I also changed my display from millions of colors to thousands – this disables quartz extreme on the graphics card which causes the problem!

PPS – Turned out to be a KERNEL PANIC – seems to be ok now. I think google chrome helped to over run the processor which caused the meltdown…

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