My Verdict on The Jubilee Concert

I NEVER watch concerts on TV. That’s for regs (regular people). Even if the music is good, I won’t watch it. I’m a music snob and have always felt, if everyone listens to it, then it’s common and my ears are much too precious! Ha Ha! But my husband is always saying “You need to see what other people are doing.” Why? I don’t see the point. But last night I broke my golden rule and watched the Jubilee concert spectacle and was pleasantly surprised. First of all Robbie Williams killed it. His entrance was probably the greatest live entrance in music history. Singing in front of the grenadier guards, that must have been a total rush for him! And Cliff Richard made my day singing a snippet of Devil Woman, but he really should stop, poor thing. Annie looked like an early 90’s club kid with her angel wings and sounded like a croaking frog. Cherly Cole has no business being on a stage ever! That was dire watching her sing with Barlow, he even had to motion to her where to go up with the chord changes!! Pathetic! His choir ensemble was over ambitious and poorly executed, and even the queen didn’t clap on that mess. Epic fail! Elton brought it and played well, but his voice reminded me of Vic Reeve’s when he does the pub singer. Paul sounded old, tired and croaky. Stevie and Shirley can do no wrong EVER! And Tom Jones and Grace Jones are the God & Goddess of The Universe for ever and always AMEN! TV was on the blink during Madness, so I have no comment, but Im sure they did well. Over all I enjoyed it, esp seeing Grande Dame’s trombone player Nichol Thompson onstage playing during the show. He got a lot of close ups! Go Nichol! oxo gd

If you missed it – Here is Goddess Grace Ruling, learn it!

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