Thoroughly Modern Vicky

I have lived in the UK for 11 years and honestly never really knew much, or wanted to know much about Queen Victoria. That image of her, in later life with a pouty, miserable frown, bottom lip protruding, sad vacant eyes, a bit like cartoon dog Droopy, totally looking – OVER IT! That kinda put me off. But in all fairness, she was in mourning after loosing her dear Albert. After watching “Queen Victoria’s Last Love” last night on Channel 4, I have have a new found respect for this woman! She became deeply attached to her Indian servant – Karim Abdul – a Muslim from modest means. Her devotion to him, helped him rise quickly through the ranks, ruffling victorian feathers along the way and making him quite well off. He was very handsome when he was young, I’m not surprised she was smitten with his smoldering, exotic good looks. They became so close, he went from cook to teacher, teaching her Hindustani. He was by her side for 14 years. This caused such an uproar that her staff threatened to quit several times; and at her diamond Jubilee, her son – future King Edward – said if she paraded Karim around that he and her doctor would declare her insane. She did it anyway! Go girl! And the last years of her life, he was the only one she wanted around. And I say good for him & good for her! An Indian from a lower class, rising above hierarchy of the court was unheard of and really got up peoples backside, but he made her happy and if the Queen can’t do what she wants and hang around with who she wants, what is the point of being Queen? oxo gd

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