DJ Food Features Crazy Girl Showroom Dummies Cover!

Me & my old collaborator – Matty Skylab did this cover of Kraftwork’s Showroom Dummies nearly 10 years ago. It was mostly all his vision, I just sung and did engineerey / computer nerd type stuff. But lately it’s been popping up in my life. Out of the blue, my buddy Fish from Amsterdam asked me to send him a copy from hearing it years ago, I played it out at my DJ gig last week & people were asking about it afterwards, and the other day my buddy Rev Milo sent me this mix DJ Food did called Kraftwork Kover Collection DJ Mix where he featured it. It never “officially” came out, but MAN this track is pretty spesh. It’s so nice to make something and 10 years later still be proud of it. You can listen and or download the track for free below! Also click the pic to here DJ Food’s amazin mix! oxo gd

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