My Film The Trip Premieres at Spike & Mikes Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation!!!

tripwebmovieposter2OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! I have reached a personal goal in my life! My short film – The Trip – made it into – Spike & Mikes Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation at Comic Con San Diego!!!. If you don’t know the name, it’s only THE HOLY GRAIL of animation film festivals!!! Esp twisted ones, which is the genre I work in! And at Comic Con! THE center of the universe for all things comic & cartoon! WOW WOW WOW!! Spike & Mikes Have been been going since the 70′s, and have premiered the works and helped jump start the careers of many animation legends – Nick Park, Bill Plympton, Tim Burton, Pixar, Mike Judge, the guys from South Park & more! So yeah, it’s mega! The Trip is in their Gauntlet show, which is a bit like the Gong show. The films play and after a couple of minutes the audience decides whether it should continue or not… Hopefully mine makes it through to the end! A bittersweet moment for me, as I hoped and prayed that The Trip would make it into the festival. I planned a trip to cali, dreamed about handing out my comic to people & having my picture taken with all the nutters… But after I didn’t hear anything, I decided to cancel, as I have been busy working on my upcoming art show, and well, I didn’t think I would get in… But they only made the final selection last week & the show is Friday! 2 days! Unless I sprout wings, I ain’t gonna make it! But if you are or you know people going! Check it out! Click the poster for more deets! And vote for The Trip to make it through! Dreams do come true, but not always how you imagined them! oxo gd

Official Trailer – The Trip by Grande Dame from Grande Dame on Vimeo.
Gauntlet poster Comic Con 2014

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Do Not Let This Brilliant Man’s Death Be In Vain – WATCH THIS DOC!

KEY TheInternetsOwnBoyTheStoryofAaronSwartz_still1_AaronSwartz__byNoahBerger.jpg_cmyk-0-800-0-450-crop Last night I watched a moving documentary called – Internet’s Own Boy – about the incredible life of Aaron Swartz. Aaron was a genius/ computer whiz kid who could read by 3 years old and at the age of 13 was working with people 3 times his age developing the RSS format that we all use today! He set up a wiki style website 5 years before Wikipedia! He was a founder of Creative Commons and Reddit all before he was 20 years old! Which made him a millionaire. Unlike his peers, buying property, cars and gadgets were no interest to this deep thinker. He preferred to use his wealth for the good of the people and positive change through grass roots political activism. He helped launch the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which was instrumental in getting Elizabeth Warren elected to the Massachusetts state senate. In 2010 Swartz co-founded Demand Progress, a political advocacy group that organizes people online to “take action by contacting Congress and other leaders, funding pressure tactics, and spreading the word” about civil liberties, government reform, and other issues. And it was his brilliance at online campaigning that helped to kill the SOPA ACT, which threatened online freedom of speech with harsh censorship penalties. Information was the most important thing to Aaron. Knowledge is power, and Aaron thrived on learning and wanted to share that with the world. He wanted all people to be able to access information on the web. It was that passion that led him to take drastic measures by downloading academic journals from MIT onto his hard drive. Typing that sentence out doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but the US govt decided to lump him in the category of a hacker and make an example out of him. They dragged him over the coals to teach him a lesson and he was looking at a 35 year sentence, just for wanting to share information with people. Not top secret military documents, nothing scathing, just knowledge. The threats and abuse were too much to bear and on the evening of January 11, 2013, Swartz succumbed to the pressure and hung himself. Aaron Swartz was a pioneer, ahead of his time, who did so many important things in his short life! The govt must celebrate these heroes, not persecute them for having their own thoughts and ideas! Watch this important film of this very brave and genius young man, who did so much for the better of society! RIP Aaron! oxo gd

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My Weekend in The Big Smoke Plus Ep 7 Up Now!

Rak Studios
Just got back from a weekend in the big smoke and it was jam packed all the way! Started my friday morning at the legendary Rak Studios in Maida Vale home to glam rock mega producer Mickie Most RIP and also my publishers – Touch Tones Music. Had a great meeting with them going over the album release plans. It was great to see their reaction to the vinyl box set & comic.
I had a great show this week, well I think it was. Sans guest but choice tunes if I do say so myself! I even got to play one of my own. So great to watch the turquoise record spin!
shoegasm I had a major shoegasm friday night when I went to stay with Terry de Havilland & his lovely wife Liz. It was like xmas as I got a few more pairs of shoes I designed!! So proud! They truly are stunning. Now that I am a beach bunny I live in flip flops, and find walking in heels challenging, might have to get someone to carry me around town so I can wear them out! Ha!
hiretonyfern Saturday I went to stay with my dear friends Tony & Fernando. I was pleasantly surprised to see a newly framed Hire Car print in their gorgeous flat! And my fave one too cos it’s turquoise! Awesome! They are total sweeties and I had a wonderful time in their lovely home…
Dan&MeMod Saturday evening I went to meet & interview one of my music/ art heroes – Daniel Higgs! I was super nervous before I went, and a touch during, but he was super down to earth, sweet and very approachable. The interview went great & I will include the audio in my next radio show. Later my friends joined me at his concert. It was really good. He is such a mesmerising entertainer.
I made it home Sunday just in time to meet up with my Hastings friends for some post birthday celebrations. All & all a perfect weekend! Took care of biz, had an awesome show! Saw some old friends and met some new ones! Anyhoo, Episode 7 below! Enjoy! oxo gd

Electric Crazyland – Ep 7 by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Tracklist for Electric Crazyland Episode 7
1.Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir – Rainstorms In My knee
2.Daniel Higgs – Leontocephaline Rhapsody
3.Taj Mahal – Linin Track
4.Grande Dame – Almost & Maybes
5.Yamasuki – Yama Yama
6.Silver Apples – You & I
7.Lightening Rod – Doriella Due Fontaine
8.Free – Walk In My Shadow
9.Ry Cooder – Get Away
10.Eddie Harris – Drunk Man
11.Henry Vestine – LSD Boogie
12.Barry & The Remains – Diddy Wah Diddy
13.Link Wray – Commanche
14.Leaf Hound – Freelance Fiend
15.Tor – Peders – Islossning C-Moll
16.Blue Phantom – Diodo
17.Curtis Knight – Down In The Village
18.Billy & Friends – Hua Rock
19.Iggy & The Stooges – Penetration
20.Alphonse Muzon – Space Invaders
21.Redd Kross – Annettes Got The Hits
22.Little Barry – Pauline
23.Skinny Girl Diet – Nadine
24.The Damned – Looking At You
25.Willie Joe & His Unitar – Unitar Rock
26.Tim Love Lee – There’s Your Man
27.Robbie D – The Rumble Of The Thunder

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Electric Crazyland Ep 7 Live Today!

Ladies & Gents! Tune in to Soho Radio where I will be live playing golden tunes from yesteryear and tomorrow! I promise you will dig the sounds… My dad being a hi-fi dealer was also a record collector and passed that love down to me. One of our father / daughter activities was going record shopping. I was prob about 12 at the time and we were in a second hand record store in Atlanta. I saw the record on the left and told my dad he should buy it. Prob just because of the colour! Ha! But it turned out to be a solid collection of songs. This is pre fame era Ray, gritty, dirty, bluesy, but tops all the way. Well dad died in 97, I inherited his record collection and man I played it out and scratched it up to hell and back. It just sounds like crackles and fuzz now. I had wanted to play it on the show, but was worried it would sound to bad, but then lo and behold at a store practically right underneath me, I found the French Issue of the same record in mint condition with no scratches! How BRILL? Tune in today and you can hear a killer song from Georgia’s favourite son! Click the pic or here! LIVE AT 2pm! oxo GD

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Laughing in Merc Retro’s face! Ha!

Gangsta Bitch Shades from Susan Diamond Apologies once again for my sparse posting, but Mercury has been Retrograde, which can make communication difficult. Even if you want to reach out, technology gets in the way! Seems I am restarting my router more times than I am actually on the net! Hey ho, but luckily we are nearing the end of this topsy turvy time and things are going well! Scored some killer shades yest from Susan Diamond Store in St Leonards. Gangsta or what? LOVE!
Grande dame Vinyl Handed out a tiny batch of vinyls & comics, and so far the feedback has been phenomenal! In fact Primal Scream Bass Player and all round cool chick – Simone Marie – played Love You To Death On Her show – Naked Lunch! If you are a fan of Rock and Roll & all things cool, tune in!
killerkillers Speaking of Love You To Death, I’m working on a new animation for the track. It’s going quite smooth too! Expect lots of zombies, devils, skeletons, topless dancers and x-rated psychedelia! Ha! Look out for that near October/ Halloween time!
VoodooAlso been finishing the pictures for the show at Ink-D Gallery Brighton October 30th… All looking smashing too if I do say so myself!! I must admit, living right on the sea in a gorgeous space is difficult if one wants to be productive. I literally live in a hotel, and when the sun is shining down it’s like “ok I’m on vacation lets party!” It was so easy to ignore the sun in London and shut myself away in a dark room with my computer, oh but not here, in this splendid mirage… Despite the distractions, I am on track, world domination soon! ha! oxo GD  PS – NEW RADIO SHOW TOMOZZ! LIVE AT 2PM HERE

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Electric Crazyland Ep 6 Live With Rosco Listen Now!

rosco Had a killer show yesterday! Rosco gave a moving performance of his track “Give Peace Another Chance”. Plus played some songs off his new album Call of The Cosmos. We chit chatted a bit and he also put some serious mega sounds on! Very rare gems indeed! So do your ears and brain a favour – you wanna hear this one! Tracklisting below! Thanx Rosco! Enjoy! oxo GD
PS – There’s a few techy hiccups and it cuts out for a 20 secs, but hang in there! it’s a goon un!

Electric Crazy Land ep 6 by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Track Listing for Episode 6 of Electric Crazyland
1. The Pointer Sisters – That’s How I Feel
2. 101 Strings – Flameout
3. Gil Trythall – Ode To Billy Joe
4. Funkadelic – Back in Our Minds
5. Ray Brown Orchestra – Comin & Goin
6. No Men – Mother No Men
7. The Tards – Cocaine Talk
8. Dave Pike Set – Ragga Jeeva Swara
9. The Seeds – Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
10. Mains Ignition – Ching Ching Tuff Chaser
11. Lite Storm – People
12. The Who – Boris The Spider
13. Takatsuna Mukai – Blank Strip Is Black
14. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – Crystal Rainbow Pyramid
15. Rosco – Give Peace Another Chance
16. Rosco – Interplanetary Space Liner
17. Geraint Watkins – Shine A Light
18. Rosco – Girl From Orbit In Dub
19. TV Personalities – Shes My Yoko
20. Nick Nicely – 49 Cigars
21. The Kingsnakes – Round Trip Ticket
22. The Kan Dells – Cloudburst
23. Rosco – I was A Teenage Werewolf
24. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds – Susu

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Sterling Roswell aka Rosco Live on Electric Crazyland!

10290144_10152069198550925_2844405178555427938_nLadies & Germs! Tune in this friday June 13th live at 2pm when former Spaceman Three drummer and UK Psyche Luminary – Sterling Roswell aka Rosco will be in the studio playin some trax off his new album – Call of The Cosmos! Mega stoked for this one! Lauded by Mojo Magazine, this new masterpiece is peppered with dreamy psyche gems. Influences from Joe Meek, Sky Saxon, Lee Hazlewood, Syd Barrett and more are audibly evident on this new offering! Yay! Cant wait to hear this! Think Im gonna dig out some of my fave psyche tunes to play too! And it’s a full moon! So Tune In Turn On Drop Out!! Live Link Here! oxo gd

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