Far Out Isnt Far Enough – Watch This Doc!

Last Night I watched this great doc about illustrator extraordinaire Tomi Ungerer. I didn’t know his name, but when his drawings danced across the screen, I started to have flashbacks from my childhood… I kept zoning in to his faces and noses, saying to myself “I know these drawings!” And then Zeralda’s Ogre appeared on the screen. It was my all time fave book in the world! Well that and In the Night Kitchen, cos you could see Max’s willy! I need to find this book! I am on a quest to relive childhood magic. Tomi has published over 140 books, so he most likely made an impression on your young mind too. In fact friend and colleague, Maurice Sendak credits him for inspiration of Where the Wild Things Are! I highly recommend this brilliant documentary. A true trailblazing maverick who sparked young imaginations around the world. Thank you Tomi! Trailer below… On Netflix, itunes etc…

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Satanic Mojo Volume 2!

New Issue of Satanic Mojo Vol 2 out May 2nd!! With art by Jason Atomic, Billy Chainsaw, Dennis Franklin, myself and others! There’s a launch party and art show at Orbital Comics May 2nd as well as other festive black events celebrating it’s release over the month of may! 666 copies are available & myself and others will be at Orbital signing copies on the night. So come down to 8 Great Newport street and join our coven! Hail Satan! Manifesto below! for more info click the pic! oxo gd

Satanic Mojo Manifesto with Black Acid Intro. from Satanic Mojo on Vimeo.

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Episode One – Eclectric Crazyland Up on Soho Radio!!!

Ladies & Germs! Episode One of my new live show on Soho Radio London is up! I was nervous as hell, but it went swimmingly I must say! Gonna be a delay for the next couple weeks while the live system is gettin installed, but check it out! Click here & then on Electric Crazyland! Tracklisting below! oxo gd
ps – sorry for the record scratches on Curtis Knight!! That was a late pick and forgot to wipe it! woops! :)

Tracklisting for Electric Crazyland Episode 1

1. The Guess Who – American Woman Intro
2. Luther Allison – Ragged & Dirty
3. Endless Boogie – Gimmie The Awesome
4. Opal – Majick Power
5. Bongwater – Obscene & Pornagraphic Art
6. Howlin Wolf – Spoonful
7. Dick Hyman – Green Onions
8. Suzi Quattro – Primitive Love
9. The Fall – Rollin Dan
10. Johnny Burnette – Train Kept A Rollin
11. Butthole Surfers – Sweetloaf
12. Oblivians – Indian In Me
13. Fat White Family – Special Ape
14. Captain Beefheart – Dropout Boogie
14. Grande Dame – The Shakes
15. The Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell – Electric Fogg
16. Pretty – Mustache In Your Face
17. Curtis Knight – Give You Plenty Lovin
18. John Lee Hooker – Lights Out

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The Empress’s New Shoes

Clown look book
My designs for the Terry de Havilland Spring Summer 14 collection are out! Yay! Above is my Coco Clown Heel. Red & White Silk Print with Sprinkles of Italianate Style Pink Clown faces enclosed in luxurious gold leather! I will wear mine with Denim!
And ladies you can totally cure your mans Clown fear with these! Strip naked, put them on and wrap your legs around him! You’ll flip that fear into a fetish! Ha Ha!
Trippy look book
And here we have the glorious Trippy Wedge. Classic Terry de Havilland Wedge heel of swirly colored trippy psyche patterns all wrapped up in yummy black patent leather! These heels are so much fun and can go with just about anything!!
Available from the TDH  online shop! More soon! oxo gd

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RIP Leee Black Childers

A legend has left this earth – Leee Black Childers – New York underground photographer, manger of The Heartbreakers, friend to Andy warhol, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Jayne County and many more. A very sweet, southern genteel man, kind and warm; I was lucky to meet him albeit briefly! He truly holds a special place in underground cultural history. A true icon. RIP LEEE! oxo gd

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Institute of Illegal Images in Vice Mag

My old friend and Shakes Blotter collaborator – Mark McCloud – just did an interview for Vice Mag on the history of blotter art. Mark has the biggest collection on earth and is the world’s leading authority on the subject. Basically a Blotter God! Ha Ha! His home is a museum dedicated to the beauty of acid art called The Institute of Illegal Images.
I worked with Mark on my Shakes blotter art for my Black Leather 7″. Def a dream come true! If you are interested in all things blotter click the top pic to read the smashing interview. Mark flies on his own plane, it’s a very cool plane too! You wish you were on the same flight as him, trust me! Anyhoo there’s a few Shakes Blotters left, click the bottom pic for more info. more soon oxogd

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Luxurious Psychedelic Nouveau Cushions!!

Introducing my Psychedelic Nouveau Silk Cushion range.
Decorated in a colorful kaleidoscope design of Cranes, Koi fish and bird plumes all swirled together! These luxurious silk cushions scream Hollywood Regency!

Original design printed on 100% silk twill! So soft to touch! They measure 45cm x 45cm (18″ x 18″) and come with a zip, so easy to remove for cleaning – just hand wash and line dry!

Available to purchase as just the case, or with your choice of Goose Down or Hollowfibre Cushion (UK Only). All Handmade in the UK. Turn your Baroque and Roll Decor up to 11! Click the pics for more info! oxo gd



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