Introducing – The Trip!

Ladies & Gentlemen! After a long wait, I am happy to finally present my animated short – The Trip – for your viewing pleasure! I must say it is NSFW! It is rude, crude and most likely offensive to some. But to me it was truly a labour of love, and ode if you will to my southern upbringing. I have never worked so hard on anything in my life as I did with this short. It took me a year and a half to make and it’s only 5 minutes long! To be honest tho, it was about 7 months if I condensed it down. The reason it took so long was the action was narrative driven. Normally my videos tend to be loose and whimsical. So to have the drawings match the words was tedious to say the least! After I made it, I was so pleased with myself and entered it in several film festivals, only to get rejection after rejection. I was disillusioned and wondered if I had gone mad? To spend that much time on one thing and not get in any festivals was a bitter pill to swallow. But then I heard from one festival who explained that “they had to think of their sponsors” and my material had been too risqué. Ha ha! But then the Mount Olympus of rude animation – Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation – came calling and not only liked it, but offered me a licensing agreement to show it at their screenings, and I knew I had not wasted a year and a half! That was the icing on the cake and legitimised all my efforts. I want to thank ladypat, Angus Dick, & Kirsten Caufield for their help, as well as my band, and lastly my mother who drove me more than 100 times down the I-10 highway from Georgia to New Orleans and back and forth again and again. So many happy memories on that journey that inspired a chilling, comedy, redneck horror! Thanx mamma! If you like the short, remember it is available as a comic book and on limited edition teal vinyl! And with out further adieu I give you – The Trip – enjoy! oxo gd


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My Mamma The Music Prodigy!

Not every song on my album has a story behind it per se… As I mentioned before most of the music is a collection of sounds I heard growing up in the deep south in the 70’s… My dad was a HUGE rock & roll & blues fan. He even had a blues bar when I was a kid. It was called – The Last Tycoon – after the unfinished F Scott Fitzgerald Novel. My dad would dress up in furs and hats and big rhinestone rings – he was going for a 20’s gangster but in the 70’s he just looked like a wanna be pimp! Ha! My mom made Cotton Club type fringe show girl out fits for the cocktail waitresses… I vividly remember her cutting the sign out of styrofoam and covering it in silver glitter on our dining room table. I would hang out there after school & drink Shirley Temples and play the Captain Fantastic Pinball game over and over – I was in love with Roger Daltry’s character in Tommy & totally obsessed with that film… Sadly he got shut down for breaking the noise ordinance one too many times… But as far as the rock and blues side of my tastes – def came from my dad… Also in the 70’s there was a whole 50’s revival goin on – Susie Quatrro doing Johnny B Goode on Happy Days, Grease (which I never fully got) but the genre was everywhere, and one of my first ever songs to practice singing was – Frankie Ford Sea Cruise.

My grandpa was a New Orleans Dixieland Band Leader and marched every year in Mardi Gras parades, so the marching band track was a shout to him.. As for the country music, well we weren’t allowed to listen to it in our house. My dad considered it music for morons, he was a mensa member and thus a music snob. But it blared out of every other transistor radio back in the day – from the gas station, to the baby sitters house, to friends parents stereos… There was no escaping it, frankly I think my dad missed out on a very clever musical genre. The soppy ballads are brilliant! Esp George Jones – The Grand Tour. Plus so many shows at that time were geared towards that sound and very popular – The Grand Old Opry, Hee Haw, Johnny Cash Show, etc…

So that’s kind of where the sounds come from, but one song on my album does have a neat story behind it – Corn On The Cob. About 10 years ago or so, I was back home for a visit. I was going through a memorabilia box, with keepsakes. You know like – my first baby shoes, toothbrush, report cards – “Tiffy talks too much!” “Tiffy doesn’t pay attention”. Stuff like that… When I came upon some sheet music.
I knew it was my mothers writing and asked “What’s this?” She replied “Oh just a stupid song I wrote when I was a kid” “WHAT??? How old were you?” “Oh about 10″ – ABOUT 10!! At ten years old she was scoring music?? That blew me away! When I was 10 I was playing hungry hungry hippo and table top pong… And my mother was scoring music when she was a child… Made me feel a bit like a loser. But my grandfather really pushed both my mom and uncle at a very young age to learn music. My uncle went on to become a musical playwright, mamma didn’t get bitten by the music bug and became a University Librarian…

Anyhoo, I took the sheets back with me to London and called my long suffering song writing partner – Pete Z – round to help me lay it down on the computer… We did a rough midi recording in my bedroom. Then later when we were in the studio, we re-recorded it with real proper players. I love it so much! Has a sound of a Mrs Mills/ end of the night at a local pub sing along at closing time feel to it… Who knew that a 10 year old girl wrote it!! How fab! Above is a portrait of her when she was little. How adorable was she? That is the story behind Corn On The Cob! Love my Mamma! Cool huh? More soon! oxo GD

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One Month Countdown to My Show!


Wow! One month until my show opens! 5 years of work coming to an end… Kind of can’t believe it… 4 years ago I came up with the idea of doing an album art show. But didn’t really think I would do it. At the time I had only printed a couple of giclee prints, so my “art career” was in it’s infancy… Plus the animation thing was already a weighty albatross around my neck, so adding more work and tasks for myself kinda seemed insurmountable… But that is me, I like to challenge myself… I need to push myself to the brink with my work… If it doesnt nearly kill me, then it wasnt worth it… I am happy to announce nearly all my pieces are done… And I won’t lie, I am feeling quite pleased with myself! Anyhoo, here is a little sneaky peak at my pic – “When I’m Dead You’re Going To Love Me” & accompanying music! Enjoy! BTW – You can get your pre-orders for the album Vinyl Box Set & Comic here! All UK orders save on postage for the next few weeks! More soon –  plus some exciting announcements!! oxo GD

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newwebpicLadies & Gentlemen! I am pleased to announce that pre-orders of the long awaited Grande Dame album officially start today! YAY! And for the next few weeks you can stream the entire album in full! I am quite proud of it to say the least! These are the sounds I heard as a youth growing up in the Bible Belt. This collection of music is more of a celebration of sounds from around the south, than a genre specific band album – think of a moody sound track to a dark southern gothic film… Written by myself & my long suffering partner Pete Z “King of Shag”. It was recorded at a very high standard at Wendy House Studios, London. Produced by my dear friend & Drummer Ade Meehan & myself. Made possible by incredible executive Producer – Kirsten Caufield. This album is all analogue, with world top players! Including pedal steel virtuoso – Melvin Duffy (Waterboys), Hastings Guitar Rock God – John E Gorilla, Amy Winehouse baritone Sax Player – Jim Hunt, Tom Jones & Palmoma Faith Trombonist – Nichol Thompson & PFunk Vocalists – Mike “Clip” Payne, Joey Eppard & Deville Edwards! And many others!
There are several buying options available! From Vinyl Box Set, CD & Comic, and more deluxe combo choices! If you order in the next few weeks, all UK orders have free shipping! Album is also available on pre-order at itunes.

Ordering today will make sure you get a rare copy of this LTD Edition collectors item! It will also help me raise some much needed funds to finish all the bits and pieces for my upcoming art show! All orders will be shipped the week of Oct 27th. So please help me out & order today! I can promise all around entertainment for your ears and eyes! Click pix or buy button below to place your orders now! Enjoy the album in full for a limited time… More soon! oxo gd

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My Voodoo On You at ink_d gallery!

Here is the Official Press Release for my Art installation Opening Oct 23rd – Nov 9th at ink_d gallery, 96 North Rd, Brighton, BN1 1YE
Tiff McGinnis, aka Grande Dame, brings her multi-media spectacle to ink_d gallery, Brighton with My Voodoo On You – a bijou, psychedelic salon of sound, moving image, original art, limited editions, comics, textiles, wallpaper, soft furnishing, lights, ceramics and more.
This has been a 5-year project in the making, starting with her album. Originally from Columbus, Georgia, Tiff’s early years were steeped in the rich sounds of the Deep South. From her New Orleans Dixieland bandleader grandfather, to her rhythm and blues record-collecting father, to the twangy country ballads she heard blaring from the transistor radio – the sounds from her youth made an impact that would last a lifetime – and her album is a testament to that. It’s more of a collection of music from around the South than a genre-specific band album. Think dark, moody sound track to a southern gothic film. It’s available as a box set, on limited edition teal vinyl, with neon risograph print, or with a CD and Comic book.
Once the album was recorded, Tiff set out to make videos and animations for some of her songs. She completed the herculean task of creating four music videos and one animated short for her spoken word, The Trip, which she also produced in comic book form. She will be projecting these visuals throughout her show. The Trip film has recently been licensed by legendary animation festival – Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation – and will be online shortly before the show/ album release.

Tiff then took images from her animations and made a series of artwork. Each piece loosely tells the story of a particular track. Inspired by iconography, film noir, pulp fiction covers, pinball, comic books, Art Nouveau, 60’s black light and Fillmore East Posters, indigenous art and more – Tiff’s work evokes images of those genres, but with her own big, colorful, alluring personal stamp.

My Voodoo On You Original Art by Grande Dame – Silk Screen with 24 CT Gold Overlay, Hand Colored with Acrylic Paint & Copic Ink, in gilded frame – 26” by 30”MyVoodooOnYou-GrandeDame

Almost & Maybes Original Art by Grande Dame – Silk Screen with 24 CT Gold Overlay, Hand Colored with Acrylic Paint & Copic Ink, in gilded frame – 30” by 40Almost&Maybes-GrandeDame

Always A Pleasure Original Art by Grande Dame ¬- Silk Screen with 24 CT Gold Overlay, Hand Colored with Acrylic Paint & Copic Ink, in gilded frame – 36” by 48”AlwaysForPleasure-GrandeDame

For her show, Tiff is creating an entire environment. All objects are inspired by her music: wallpapered walls, silken cushions, ceramics, embroidery, listening station, lights and more… Each song on the album has it’s own unique, colourful creation… So treat your eyes and ears and take a visit to this wild wonderland of Grande Dame’s Voodoo On You – upstairs at ink_d gallery Brighton from Oct 23rd to Nov 9th, 96 North Rd, Brighton, BN1 1YE. You will certainly be under her spell!

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Grande Dame at The Arches & more!

qbarch Costal Currents Art Festival is still going strong in Hastings! Today I will be hanging some silk screen prints at the local print studio – The Arches. The space is open for viewing this Saturday & Sunday, as well as next Saturday & Sunday. Really excited to be a part this show, as there other super talent artists involved and I know it will look amazing!
zeroh Last Sunday’s Pop Up T-Shirt Shop with Zeroh Studio was super cool! In fact there was such a good response that they are planning on doing more similar type events and have asked me to be involved! Yay! So, my quest to cover the world in Dodo’s just might happen after all!
10x10 The 10×10 group show curated by Jeff Disastronaut is truly awesome! He really did a stellar job of bringing the local community of artists together. All out work is so different, yet compliments each other splendidly. He is open daily through out the week & weekend, click pic for more info! Ok onwards and upwards spacefans! more soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame LTD Edition Dodo T’s Available Today at Zeroh Pop Up Shop!

10625007_10153301313005400_1754326074504930985_n Ladies & Germs! Today from 2pm to 7pm Zeroh Studio will be hosting a Pop Up T Shirt Gallery & I will have a few LTD Edition DoDo Ts available!
10635744_10153297954910400_3875089654334718573_n They were very kind to let me use their silk screen studio to whip a few up! I was a bit rusty, I must admit, but luckily screen print wizard and fellow ink_d artist Screen Prince was there to hold my hand.
16314_10153301203580400_2014184937823873675_n They came out pretty good I must say!
IMG_4351 1 Here’s some detail of my Dodo up close…
IMG_4342 As I am a detail freak, I even customised them with the Grande Dame luxury brand label! Ha Ha!
10644808_10153301186930400_3969123304388558922_n Sadly I didn’t buy enough T Shirts – at the mo only 5 are available… But did have some spare silk and managed to print myself a nice scarf… The few pix I have posted online have gotten a huge response, so you can bet I will be doing more of this design! Luckily I have the screen too! So look out for more Ts, Scarves, Cushions, Upholstery – you name it! I shall cover the world in Raphus Cucullatus! Never forget! Ha Ha! So, if you are in Hastings, come down and say hi! It’s just in the alley way off Robertson Street! And loads of other amazing artists are involved too! So Yay! More soon! oxo GD

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