Grande Designs At Burning Man!

burningmanI can’t believe I am actually typing these words, but in less than 6 weeks time – I am going to Burning Man! WOW!!! It has been on my bucket list for years! Right up there with volunteering at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica & Orangutan Sanctuary in Bali! But it always seemed like an impossible dream… How on earth would I go? How does it work? Even if I were to convince friends to all get an RV and show up – then what?
danggangimperial But the stars all lined up and made everything fall into place! I am going with my best friend and we are going to work doing interior design on Art Cars for Dang Gang! This is one of their vehicles – The Dang Imperial! Not sure if this is the one I’ll be kitting out, or what. But OMG! I honestly can not believe this!! It’s a total dream come true! A whole week living in a surreal fantasy world! Doing art & seeing art & living art & breathing art! There is going to be a massive Pinball Machine! And massive Kaleidoscope! All kinds of crazy sculptures & lights… Mad people in mad outfits in a total space landscape! I’m sure it is going to be an endurance test. And to be totally honest – I have NEVER even camped before! But I like challenges, and always dive into difficult things head on. It’s the only way you learn! And I don’t mind getting dirty… Plus I’m confident that as long as I have my basic needs – the rest will fall into place… So I better get to work! Have a lot to do from now until then! OMG! I am actually going to go see The Everything Is Terrible – Jerry Maguire VHS Cassette Pyramid!!! I can not handle the excitement! Thank you Universe!! oxo gd


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Get Your Warmduscher Activity Book!

My Warmduscher Activity Book arrived and it is sooo fresh! So stoked to have a copy! And as you can see BooBoo likes it too! Woo! Loads of cool artists contributed colouring in pages – Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre​, Clams Baker of Warmduscher, Zsa Zsa Sapien of Meatraffle​, Saul Adamchewzki & Lightin’ Jack of Fat White Family/Warmduscher, Faile, little ol me and more! Click the pix for info! Only £15! And 100% of the profits go to Bernie Sanders for Prez Campaign! So buy one now & help this worthy cause! Also avail at Rough Trade Record Store! Shalom Yall! Woo! oxo gd

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Happy 4th = Free Download!


To celebrate Independance Day, Tummy Touch Records is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of my debut album (under my old moniker Crazy Girl) Southern Belle From Hell! Of course it features my musical love letter to the country of my birth Miss USA! So Click the pic or HERE and get your freebie now!

SBFH Box Set There’s also a few Crazy Girl Box Sets available! For £29.99 you get – The Album in full on CD, An American Apparel 100% Cotton 8 Colour Silk Screened T-Shirt, A DJ Mix, Plus 5 Badges – All in A Fancy Box, with a signed certificate of authenticity! What A Deal! Whoa! So grab yourself a bargain and rare artefact by clicking here – not many left!

crazy-girl-miss-usa-tummy-touch There’s also a couple of 7’s of Miss USA too! Enjoy! And happy 4th yall! oxo GD


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Love is THE LAW!

GayHistory WOWOWOW! The USA has taken a big step forward in History! A long overdue step I might add! It is the law and it must be obeyed – Woo! So Happy for my gay brothers & sisters across America! Let’s hope this historic change will spread around the globe. Love conquers all! And dont forget – if you have a gay wedding to go to and need a gift I have Adam & Steve and Madam & Eve Porcelain Plates and Giclee Prints available!! Click the pic or here to see! More soon! oxo GD


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The Last Summer Video Interview!

ShadyAssMutherFuckinBitches111MBack before The Last Summer Show opened at 111 Minna Gallery, I gave a video interview about my influences etc… Anyone who knows me, knows I have a real phobia about video interviews! I dunno why, but I do… I just freeze up for some reason in my head and worry I will project the wrong image or whatever… It’s one of my quirks, perhaps a control issue? Ha! But I think it went quite well! Actually the one part of my interview I was hoping they would cut out, is what they left in and is kinda hilaire! No point in taking ones self too seriously, eh? So check it out! Plus you can see Caroline Weaver & Jamie Bizness plus Mildred & Pacolli’s awesome works too! Ok check it out & Remember the show is up until July 30th!!Big Thanx to Abyssurdian Productions for the awesome vid! More soon oxo GD

The Last Summer from Abyssurdian Productions on Vimeo.

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New York New York A Hell of A Town!

Had a splendid time in my former stomping grounds of Brooklyn & NYC! One of the highlights was meeting one of my fave artists EVER – Don Pablo Pedro!! How amazing is he?
nevergoturname I even managed to score a small scroll painting by him called – Never Got Your Name!! Maybe I’m crazy but I think it looks like me! I have certainly felt like this more than once ha ha!! He & his girlfriend were very gracious and kind to take time out to show us around! Look out for him! He is going places!
tusa I even caught a showing of Jon Moritsugu’s fab film Terminal USA on the big screen at the Anothology Archives! 22 years ago I was part of the film crew and made the costumes for the lead actress – Amy Davis! That was quite special to see!
neckglam2 I also acquired an amazing, powerful piece of jewelry!! This fab Tibetan Neck Bib! It was truly made for me and kinda reminds me of the neck pieces I drew for my Mother Ship Connection Prints! Kismet!!!
friends2 But the BEST BEST BEST bit was reconnecting with old friends! Was such a treat to see so many old faces! All though I didn’t get to see everyone, but I will be back NYC! I love all you guys! MWAH! Click pix for more shenanigans! More soon! oxo gd

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West Coast Wonders…

psiluvu I am coming to the end of my California trip, and once again it has been a truly magical experience! Palm Springs is a total dreamland! Everyday feels like you’re in a living David Hockney painting! See my face – it exudes pure happiness!
hoodmt Everywhere was divine beauty! From the green rolling mountains of Sonoma –
calistoga To the turquoise pool at Indian Springs in Calistoga –
mossb And the lush magic forest at Moss Beach!
seals Complete with Seals! OMG!
chinatwn And of course my fave city in all America – lovely San Francisco!
minna And to top it all off – Im showing my work at the best gallery in town – 111 Minna! And it looks sooooo AMAZING! It’s lit in UV! Which has been my dream all along! Wow! Just Wow! Sad to be leaving this heavenly place! So many old faces I got to see, and new ones! A few of my friends I didnt get to see, but I will be back again! Big thanx to my wonderful hosts – Kit & Ming! Thank you guys for spoiling me & making it all possible – Love you both big time! Mwah! Remember the Minna Show is up until July 30th, so if you are in SF anytime between now & then – check it out… Click the pix to see more of my adventures! oxo GD


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