Grande Dame’s Fabrics of Burning Man at ink-d Gallery

Dear Friends! I am happy to announce that I currently have a new body of work on show at ink-d Gallery Brighton, as part of their Xmas show – Never Mind The Baubles. The pieces I have on display are from fabric remnants I reworked from my Dang Gang/ Burning Man collaboration. These pieces are exclusive to Dang Gang and this will be the only time any of them will be available to the public. The piece above is called The Cosmic Collar Gown. I was inspired by Dang Gang of course! And old Anna May Wong films, and my hero – Bob Mackie! It’s a free machine embroidered fringed collar. Over a 1930’s 100% silk, bias cut gown that I hand dyed black.
The collar itself was made from the Mandala Cushion cover pictured below. I cut out the circle and went to work with stitching. It’s amazing how a bit of thread & color can transform an image! Looks nothing like the original. But super pleased with the result! A one of a kind couture creation, size small/ medium. Make a dramatic entrance to any party in this show stopper!
The next piece on show is called The Patchwork of Life! A reversible quilt/ wall hanging/ elephant’s head dress/ percussion instrument. This piece was quite a challenge on so many levels. I attempted to do things I had not done before – mainly quilting! Crazy patchwork style quilting & traditional quilting!
The front is made from cotton & velvet with sequins and bells, the back is hand dyed turquoise silk, with quilted bamboo batting, with handmade tassels & bells, on a wood rod with hand carved wooden dragons, with Indian trimming and fringe. It measures 35″ by 65″, and can displayed on either side.
My inspiration for this was 3 fold. The crazy quilt side (which was comprised of Dang Gang cushion scraps) was inspired by my ancestor Mary Barry & her amazing velvet crazy quilt made in 1910. I have treasured this piece for years! And quite pleased with myself, as it is one family heirloom I have not destroyed or given away! My other muse for this piece was the fantastically decorated elephants headdresses of India. A year ago I saw this incredible piece in a local ethnic antique store. I went back to inquire about it, but it was long gone. I didn’t know what it was, then the lady explained that it was an elephant’s head dress & it got my curiosity going. Perhaps that is my true calling? To be an elephant’s headdress designer? I can see it! ha! Of course the amazing Dang Gang Imperial Cruiser played a big part in my vision!

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I covered the back & front in brass bells, so it’s a percussion instrument as well! Yesterday I had a play around looping the bells with different sounds. Very rough, as I am not familiar with the audio program, but I will make a proper song with this! So stay tuned!
My other big piece from the show is my Kaftan of The Sun Gods. The colors radiate like the glorious rays of the sun! This full length garment measures 44″ x 60″ and is one size. Printed in technicolor hues of orange/ pink/ red/ yellow and blue on 100% luxurious silk twill. A true statement piece which transforms the wearer instantly into a god or goddess!
The printed detail on the fabric is exquiste! Big thanx to Fab Pad for their incredible work once again!
My last fabric pieces on show are the Vortex Cushion above. A 20″x 20″ 100% cotton cushion with a firm hollow fibre insert. Printed in bold blues/ pinks & reds and also seen on The Dang Gang Imperial Cruiser!
And the Mandala Cushion – also measuring 20″x 20″ in greens/ yellows/ reds/ & oranges – and if you look closely, you can see where the Cosmic Collar Gown originated from.
In addition to my fabric pieces, I have some mini prints for sale. 2.5″x 3.5″ giclee printed version of some of my larger original works. There are 5 different prints in all. Only £5 each unframed – £25 each framed – buy all 5 get one free! Woo! And today only save 15% by copying this code at checkout – BLACKFRI. Several people contacted me inquiring about purchasing Dang Gang cushions and Kaftans. But as I mentioned before, these are exclusive to Dang Gang and not available to the public. This is a one time chance to own one of these designs. They will not be for sale again anywhere – so now is your chance! The show is up until Xmas eve, so if you are in Brighton, go check it out! Upstairs at ink-d Gallery 96 North Rd, Brighton, BN1 1YE. Happy Shopping! More soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame on Youtube!

I am sooo late to the gate on this one! Kinda pathetic ha! There is a reason behind my tardiness – I was never keen on youtube. When it started (yes I remember that far back!) the compression did not look favourably on animation. Esp mine! It was all so pixelated and blocky and fuzzy, I just didn’t see the point in bothering with it. To me it was just a place to watch cats playing keyboards and people falling over, not to display my art! My art that I had painstakingly worked on for ages, so that it could look like a big ol sloppy mess! I was a Vimeo disciple – it was created by video artists, for video artists & it’s compression always looked great! But over the years things have changed. Youtube’s compression has improved dramatically. Also whilst going over a recent ASCAP statement, I was taken aback to see that I receive royalties from youtube plays because they have ads! Vimeo does not have ads, so no royalties there. So I thought – what are you waiting for?

I put together some visual mash ups to more songs from the Grande Dame Album and more. I also put my critically acclaimed animated short – The Trip up – NSFW FYI! Not all are “music videos” more psychedelic visual montages. In fact some are super rough – my computer broke down while I was rushing to put bits together for Burning Man. It went into kernel panic and ate up all my RAM! I couldn’t properly edit. So I wrote down the seconds where the time changes were and dropped the clips in that way! Some are not as smooth as others – but still cool as SHIT! Anyhoo, I made a playlist above – nearly an hours worth of rockin tunes & twisted/ psychedelic animations! Some with stories, some just trippy visuals! Perfect for Halloween too! So have a play, listen and share with your friends so I can get paid! Ta oxo GD

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Halloween is approaching! I thought I would have a little sale to commemorate. If you had your eye on something, now is the time to buy! Just copy this code when you check out – SPOOKYSALE16 – any questions, lemme know! Click the pic or HERE to shop! Happy Halloween! Boo! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Live on The Radio!

Grande Dame - My Voodoo On You @ink_d gallery
Ladies & Germs! Next Tuesday Oct 20th I will be LIVE in the 1 Brighton FM Studios as a guest on Mick Robinson’s Monty Platters Show (formerly Pelirocco Platters)… I shall be playing some tracks from my album and other vinyl rarities & influences. It’s been over a year since I have done live radio… Should be cool! Click here to tune in – show is live from 5pm – 7pm. Ok sports fans, mark your calendars & be sure check it out! Later! oxo GD

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The Burnt Offerings of Burning Man

Wow! What just happened to me? I feel like I was put in a blender for a week and then poured out into a lopsided pint glass – but it was the most amazing experience of my life! We arrived at Black Rock City Desert on Tuesday, all clean and shiny. As soon as we got to the gate, the greeters made us get out of our car and roll around the ground to cover ourselves with dust. Goodbye clean hair! Ha! But it was easy to find our camp as the flags I designed for Dang Gang were flying high in the breeze and were a perfect landmark! We also had the best spot – right on the edge with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains…
dangday The car looked absolutely incredible! There were thousands of art cars or “mutant vehicles” as they are referred to, but Dang Gang looked amazing in the day time and the night time!
cushy And my cushions looked pretty spiffy as well if I do say so myself!
dragncushy The detail that was put into this vehicle was like nothing I have ever seen! Every bit was decorated, lush & plush!
medanggang Me sitting with my cushions on the Dang Gang – hell yeah I’m proud!
We stayed in a yurt, which was quite cool and comfortable. In fact, surprisingly I was more cold than hot there.
mars1bliss During the day we rode bikes around and looked at all the amazing art & sculptures. On the left is one of Mars1 Molecule Sculptures, and on the right in the distance is Bliss Dance lady – not only was she beautiful and massive – but she breathed too! And the Turkey Bus in the middle reminded me of one of my fave books ever – Tom Robbins Skinny Legs and All. I thought about that book a lot when I was out there. I asked many people if they had read it but everyone said no. If you are a Burner – read it! Or even if you’re not. Little hint – about a redneck who welds a turkey bus and drives it across America…
totem The artwork was absolutely breath taking! This is Mike Garlington’s Totem of Confessions. It was like a 3D Diorama temple. So beautiful! Susan Sarandon helped build it. And it had Tim Leary’s ashes inside. It burned after the man. So gorgeous.
mazu As was the Mazu Temple. What a sight to behold. You could go in and make a wish and get your fortune read. Gorgeous!!
jasoninbady My bandannas were a big hit on the playa! You def needed them to keep the dust out! I had a hard time with the dust actually. Got a bad sore throat and earache; and my cuticles looked like they had had knives dropped on them and then were put in solvents. Next time lots of coconut oil!
mentat It was impossible to be glamourous out there with all the dust. But I did try! I didn’t wear a bra or makeup for a whole week, which was quite liberating!
Unfortch I wasn’t able to take as many pics as I wanted but my silk mumus were a big hit on the playa and I am happy to report, after a wash, they all came out perfectly! Some I even wore twice!
menjp One thing I REALLY struggled with was the darkness. I am blind in my right eye and have problems at night in cities, but out there on the first night I just started falling everywhere. But luckily a very nice man named JP saw me falling and scooped me up and had my back the entire time. One night on my way to the bathroom I tripped over a tent stake and knocked someone’s tent down while they were sleeping! Oops! Sorry! Next time I will have lots of hats covered in flood lights so I’m not so clumsy!
kitntat Everyone was so nice too! In fact I was really taken aback by the outpouring of gratitude I received from my work. In normal life as a struggling artist, it’s so hard to get recognition for what you do, but out there I got it ten fold. In fact the day after we left I had a 2 hour cry just thinking about how nice everyone was to me.
dangatnight But the best part was driving around at night! The car lit up, had an incredible DJ and sound system & pyrotechnics! So every few minutes there would be fireballs shooting up from the back! Of course there was a whole crew of people operating different departments to make it work and make sure we were all safe.

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When I was little growing up in my small Bible belt town, my fave time of year was when the fair would come. Driving around the Dang Gang at night reminded me of my childhood – it was like the fair – but for INFINITY!!!

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And the burn night was like no other experience I have ever had! I even danced! Something I have not done in years! It was a very special, magical night! I saw so many amazing sights and am so inspired now to create more! Before I left I ear marked so many things I wanted to do and see & honestly I didn’t see a tenth of them. But what I got from the experience was living in the present and being connected to the people in your camp. Sharing stories, gifts and your time; rather than running around trying to see every sight…
burnfriends Once we were back in San Francisco we had a little decompression/ reunion party at my new friends amazing gallery Arttitud which was really nice. That was prob the best part of Burning Man for me – making new friends – friends for life! Thank you so much to Marmot King & The Dang Gang Crew, my bestie Kirsten, and my new friends Tatiana & Ted & JP! Big love to all of you & hopefully I’ll see you on the playa next year! oxo GD
There was one drag for me – I wasn’t able to properly project my animations :(. I worked my ass off making 3 vids especially for Burning Man, even paid someone to help me and bought the most expensive portable projector on earth!!! But unfortch, out on the playa with all the dust and mayhem and chaos, it was impossible to figure it out. All though I did get it going for a baby bit one night & projected it onto the playa and people danced around them… Here are the vids I made. Hopefully next year I can properly sort it out!

DangGang1 from Grande Dame on Vimeo.

DangGang2 from Grande Dame on Vimeo.

DangGang3 from Grande Dame on Vimeo.

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Bottle Alley Battle…

GD Bottle Alley 1 I thought I would share a couple pix I have seen of my work hanging in Bottle Alley in Hastings, UK as part of the Zeroh Studio collaboration for the Coastal Currents Arts Festivals Opening Ceremony. Sadly it was defaced by bad poetry in red marker with curse words all over it & now looks like the council will take it down.
Bottle Alley 2 by GD People chilling out by my work at the opening ceremony night. Totally gutted as I will never get to see it, or even a photo with the sea behind it. Nothing. Why are people so selfish? I will never understand. I am not going to put the “poets” name up as they don’t deserve credit. But people in Hastings know who it is… Such a shame – major time and money put in this project… :( GD
POST UPDATE – I was able to find a pic with the sea behind courtesy of the Coastal Currents Official FB page, so at least I get a photo of it. Not the same of course. Oh well…
Some very nice people went down Bottle Alley and painted over the bad poetry! They had to paint over it twice because the marker was so dark. Me & Booboo took a stroll this morning and it all looks brilliant so yay! :)


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Burning Man Bound!

dangcruise Tomorrow morning I set off on my journey – headed to Burning Man to assist with interior design on this awesome ride – The Dang Gang Imperial Cruiser!! And other mad vehicles!! Is this real? Part of me still can’t believe it, but the other part can, because I have done a lot of work & now I’m starting to physically feel it! ha!
dangfabric All the fabric I designed came out beyond my expectations! Fabpad are the best fabric printers in the UK! Really over the moon!
danggangcush It’s hard to pick a favorite one! But this is a strong contender! I did 60 cushions in all, ranging in various sizes & patterns – some are even as big as beds! 5 feet by 5 feet! Wow!
dangbunting I even used some of the cushion remnants to make bunting! Waste not want not!
danggangflag My original design has become the official logo for Dang Gang Car Crew. If you’re at Burning Man this year – they should be flying at 8:45 between K & L – as well as on a few vehicles! So look out for them!
dangembroidery I also made an embroidery of the Dang Gang Dragon mascot – called Chairman Dang of Gang – hoping it will have a space to hang out there…
dangmumu2 And I made a few mumus – because – why not?
dangmumu1 I had an Aunt who, once she turned 40, all she wore was Mumus – that’s how I see myself! Ha! I’m going into my Mumu Phase! This one was inspired by Sun Ra’s “Space is the Place”…
boodang Boo Boo knows something is up! Sorry boy… I also took the logo image & other chinoiserie type drawings and made some trippy videos and loops! There is one car with a huge sail that the vids will be projected on!! OMG! HOW COOL!!! Some have accused me of overdoing it – but what can I say? I like to work in loads of different mediums! Most people have life goals of owning homes and having kids – mine are to explore as many creative avenues as possible! And what a great platform for me to exhibit my wares & collaborate with other talented artists! Plus it’s going to be beyond taking in the all the mad spectacle – Thank You UNIVERSE! Follow me on instagram if you want to keep up with my mad cap adventures!!! Ok toodles yall! oxo gd

A video posted by grandedame (@grandedame) on

A video posted by grandedame (@grandedame) on

A video posted by grandedame (@grandedame) on

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