How To Beat The Winter Blues…

pool I’ve discovered the perfect antidote for winter blues! I feel like Ponce de Leon! I’m telling you, it really works! First you must come to Palm Springs, California and position yourself by the pool for as long as it takes.
flinstones2sm Once your nice and relaxed and ready to move, go for a walk and take in the fabulously stylish homes dotting the landscape…
robo1 The flora and fauna will begin too look like Dr Seuss drawings… Like Robolights really does!
car1 Or check out the local car dealer and go for a spin…
chinaking Or maybe have some Chinese food…
cottoncandyicecream Or Cotton Candy ice cream that should really be called Blue Cheer :)
blackcherrysm Try this simply scrumptious black cherry beverage!
showerjewelssm Or have a shower in the tiled rainbow disco pods… Where bathing is an experience! The water hits the tiles and makes the colors bounce around like dance floor strobe lights!
blue2 Or go to a thrift store! I got this fab Silk Jumpsuit for $8! Perfect fit too! Like it was made for me!
parker2sm Or relax in mid century splendor…
tempsm Or take a jacuzzi, there I am testing the water, it’s just the perfect temp too!
sunsetvolcano Don’t forget to watch the sunsets! You will truly be in awe of natures majesty!
stellafiresm Yep, that’s how you beat the winter blues… Isn’t that right Stella? oxo gd

More pix here!

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Mid Century Marvels & Magic

Did I mention I was in heaven? Where every single angle makes a picture perfect snapshot? With turquoise doors that open into never ending bliss? Yep I’m there all right…
Some abodes remind me that if Mattel ever had a Palm Springs Barbie – she would totally have a house like that!
parker1sm Interiors that drip in elegance and style… As seen above at the fabulous Parker Hotel.
gdsplashsm I can see Grande Dame Designs fitting in with Palm Springs quite nicely! A bit of colour splashes to break up the white!
tiffcrimescenesm Oh yes Grande Dame and Palm Springs go together perfectly! It’s kismet! It’s totally meant to be!
You just can’t help but be stuck in your lounger, only thinking about “pool/jacuzzi/jacuzzi/pool” and making sure you turn every so often to get an even tan…
reallyit And when the sun sets on the other side of the the San Jacinto Mountains, it really looks like this – but times a gazillion! Like volcanic lava suspended in the air all around you… Yep, I’m in heaven… oxo gd

More photos of my exploits HERE

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Goin Native In The Desert

goinnative Greetings from another galaxy, far, far away. Where the sun is always shining in this warm desert landscape. An imaginary, muzak, soundtrack of Astrid Gilberto
is pumped thru the air. No Isis or Ebola crisis here, and all the other doom & gloom turmoils of planet earth are now just faded memories… Welcome to the laid back land of Palm Springs where relaxation is the law…
myview All the houses are quintessentially Mid Century Modern. 1950’s concrete or stone, one story, flat roof, ranch dwellings, surrounded by massive palm trees and other fauna. The suns reflection on the palm fans look like billowing mylar canopies. Almost feels like being in a live action, super styled, Flinstones film set.
Every house has a pool, which is an essential relaxation instrument in this desert valley… And I can attest that it does the job quite well.
But it’s not only the exterior of the houses that are magnificent, the interiors are just as drool worthy… Picture perfect backdrops styled and camera ready…
It totally reminds me of one of my fave books – Interior Decoration A- Z With Betty Pepis. A 1970’s decorating bible…
Even the Sony Bono Airport has a spaceship look to it…
nathabitat Look how massive the aloe plants are! Plus there are lemon & grapefruit trees in every back garden. And it’s perfect mumu wearing country… I finally have come home… Ha ha… more soon gd
Ps – more pics on my instagram

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Happy Collectors

Nothing makes me happier than seeing photos of my work in peoples homes. It’s a great feeling to know they are pleased with my creations, and that something I created, could bring a bit of happiness into their lives. It’s my small part that I can do.
To me, color is therapy and the brighter – the better! It has healing powers and can lift you up out of the doldrums… Well it does me anyway & I know others are affected by it. When I had my solo show at PR Firm Ketchum Pleon a few years back, a few employees thanked me and told me what a joy it was to come to work and be greeted with the bright colors, that it started off their days on a positive footing! I was over the moon!
I am so pleased that they are pleased! It’s win win all the way round! If you need a color lift to brighten up your world, then click the pix and let the bright hues do their magic and put a smile on your face today! I promise it totally works! More soon… oxo gd

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Amelia’s Mag Beautiful Book is Out!!

AMag Apologies for the gaps in posts, but I am traveling around the USA at the mo, which I will be blogging about believe you me! Anyhoo, Amelia’s Mag beautiful book – That Which We Do Not Understand – is out!!! You can buy it at The Tate gift shop or here! Not many left, so if you had your eye on it, get it now! It really is beautiful! The work of all the artists involved is top notch and produced to a high standard; with lovely poetry and stories too!
Amelias_Magazine_TWWDNU_Grande_Dame_Saint_Agatha Also there is a sale going on at the mo and a few A3 giclee prints left of my Saint Agatha Icon. If you don’t know she is the patron saint of breast cancer & rape survivors, bell ringers, goldsmiths, and volcanic eruptions… Only 10 were made. So click the pics and get shopping! More soon… oxo gd

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menboobootrikeAs 2014 draws to a close, I can’t help but reminisce on what a truly spectacular year it has been. Most def the greatest year of my life! It’s funny, cos this time last year I would not have imagined that it would have turned out so well. I don’t really use my blog as a platform for my personal life, but exactly this time last year I was in a dark space. Last New Years Post – I listed all the amazing things I did.  And I truly did some amazing stuff – art & design & travel… But I couldn’t appreciate it then. I put on a front saying how great my year had been, but really I was overcome with fear & self doubt. I was in a dark mental fog. I spent 4 months in the hole. Worrying about my project. Convincing myself I was doomed to fail, I bit off more than I could chew, I couldn’t afford it. How was I going to do it? I spent many sleepless nights doing gymnastics in my mind of everything I needed to do & how it was impossible & how the year before was better. That was my life from November 2013 to March 2014. Fear, worry, anguish, doubt. Repeat. Then magically in March the sun came out & my angst dissipated. It was then I realised I was sensitive to seasonal changes and winters lack of light – ha ha! But it wasn’t just SADS, all though I believe it was a contributing factor to my mounting fears. How did I get through it? I kept working for one. I find that creating new things is a great antidote for depression. If I create something new, it makes me feel good. If others like it – I feel even better! If they want to buy it – then that’s triple joy! So I persevered through my darkness and continued to work. I also made a conscious effort to stop reading news, except for weather. And an effort to only post positive things. We live in such odd, unnatural circumstances, bombarded with information overload, it’s too much for ones psyche to bear. So I try to distance myself from that world just to maintain my mental health! Those things helped me make it through. And everything worked out in the end! Not just “worked out”, but I mean was greater than I could ever have imagined! Beyond my wildest dreams! My show was a huge success, and it looked amazing, my film got accepted to my dream animation festival, my 5 year project came out, I did interior design, soft furnishing design, taught myself upholstery & gilding, my design work was featured in Vogue Italia & on Channel 4, got some great press, and my dream Booboo mobile! I made many new friends and I also became part of the community in my town, which I truly love! Moving here was the best decision I ever made! I love what my life has become. Everyday is truly a joy. But if I could set one resolution for the upcoming year, it would be – to live in the present. Not to worry about what lies ahead, or pine for what was left behind, but to live in the now & to cherish each moment. To enjoy each step on the path through life. I have spent too much time on worry. It does no good. A friend said to me once – “Whatever the outcome – good or bad – worrying will not change it, so why worry?” – and that is so true! No more worry as I live in the now! That is my goal for 2015. I wish you all the best! Thank you for being a part of my journey! Happy New Year to you all! oxo gd

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A Christmas Story From Me To You

Ahh Xmas is here… Time to eat too much, drink too much, be depressed, argue with a relative or 2 perhaps… Not my fave time of year, but I’m sure if I had human children, I would think otherwise… I do have fond childhood memories of this holiday though…
My mother and I had a tradition. Right before December, we would travel slightly out of town to this German imported food store, that vaguely looked like a ginger bread house. It was there, Mamma would pick out an advent calendar for me. She would hang it on the wall in the TV room behind the couch. And Dec 1st I would stand on the couch & pry the first little door open! And there would be a tasty treat of chocolate for me! OMG! So exciting!! But when she was away, I learned how to pry the back plastic off calendar apparatus & have a months worth of chocolate all at once! I could even pop the back plastic bit back on & she would be none the wiser!! Except then I just opened empty doors for the rest of the month…
But mamma came up with a solution for me – she would count out how many days there were and put the corresponding number of dried red beans in a Ball Mason jar. So, on top of opening my empty door, I got to take a red bean out of a jar, which seems kinda lame now, but at the time, it was exciting! Since I was a greedy little monster, this went on for a few years, and how I looked forward to those jars of dried beans! Ha Ha! Hoppy Halidays! oxo gd

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