5 More days to Catch My Show!

GrandedameinWonderland Wow! Time flies! It’s the countdown to the end of my show… I must admit, I’m getting a bit sad about it. Wish it could stay up forever! But all good things must come to an end… If you haven’t seen it, there’s 5 more days left! So, what are you waiting for? Get down to ink_d Gallery, Brighton & check it out! Sunday Nov 30th is the last day! oxo gd

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Grande Dame Interview for Amelias Mag!

I did an interview for Amelias Mag about my obsession with Saints, My show at ink_d Gallery, my OCD, and how I like living by the seaside in merry ‘ol Hastings! There are 3 days left to help fund her amazing kickstarter project and own my original work – Saint Agatha – The Patron saint of Breast Cancer Patients, Rape Survivors, Bell Ringers, Bakers, Jewellers, Martyrs, Wet Nurses, Fire and Volcanic Eruptions! Also available in 10 – A3 size giclee ltd edition. So click the pix to read about moi! And here to check out the offer! more soon! oxogd


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Amelia’s Magazine Kickstarter + Grande Dame Original Art!

AggySilkScreensmDear Friends! The lovely Amelia Gregory has a fab Kickstarter Project at the mo & yours truly has been asked to participate! That Which We Do Not Understand: 10th anniversary limited edition book and fine art prints from Amelia’s Magazine.

Amelia’s Magazine has been championing the arts scene for 10 years now! And she has helped spread my work around since her very first issue! This project is really interesting too! A gold leafed art book and art show – totally up my strausse! The theme is based around Mysticism, Spirituality, Alchemy, Paganism, Witchcraft, Herbalism, Shamanism, Magick, Voodoo, Folklore, Occult, Esotericism, Tarot, Astrology, Animal Spirits, Paranormal activities, the Moon and much more. And will feature at least 72 pages of exclusive artworks interspersed with short stories, flash fiction and poetry. It will be beautiful and inspiring, full of thought provoking contributions that question and celebrate the miraculousness of life.

I have had an obsession with Saints for sometime now and decided to do an original piece for the project of Saint Agatha. She is the Patron Saint of Breast Cancer Patients, Rape Survivors, Bell Ringers, Bakers, Jewellers, Martyrs, Wet Nurses, Fire and Volcanic Eruptions, and is often times depicted carrying her breasts on a tray because they were cut off when she refused the advances of a high ranking magistrate. I have one large (20″ by 24″) original piece, hand painted in flouro acrylic, 24 ct gold leafed, silk screen on offer. Unframed for £800. And there are 10 – A3 giclee versions with imitation gold leaf for £80! There is only 5 days left to fund though! So click the pic and scroll to the bottom an give to this AMAZING PROJECT! Watch the vid below for more info on this amazing project!! More soon! oxo gd! :)

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My Clown Shoes On Telly!

Tuned into Channel 4’s Liberty of London Docu Series last night and got a nice surprise seeing my Coco Clown designs! As well as my Isis & Tiffany’s!!! Terry was featured on the program as he has just done a stunning collab with the store using their iconic designs! All the shoes look so amazing! So pleased for him! Yay! Now how do I arrange a meeting to show my wears? Hmm??? Watch here! oxo GD

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Grande Dame in People Of Print!

pop2My dear pal ladypat sent me this totally awesome write up from uber cool art blog – People Of Print!  So honoured to get a mention in such a rad print maker publication! This has made my day! Thank you People of Print! Click pic for more info! oxo gd

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Grande Dame In Wonderland!

Wow!!! Just got sent some snaps from my photo shoot at the gallery the other day!! THEY ARE AMAZING!! Shot by the lovely & talented Richard Hanson. Richard shot the spread of me for Pretty Litter Mag Last year. It’s funny cos the day of the show I looked in the mirror and had 2 black eyes! I wondered if I knocked into something, but nope – it was lack of sleep and exhaustion! Never had black eyes from tiredness before! On the night, the few pix that were snapped of me werent so great, as I was tired. I worried I had permanently damaged myself and had aged 10 years! No more decent photos – I was a grafter now… Ha Ha! Luckily Richard’s magic erased the fatigue! So happy! If you haven’t seen it, my show is up until Nov 30th! They are shut the next few days to rehang the downstairs. Excited to see, as it’s Carrie Reichardt! I love her work! Reopens this Saturday. Also there are a few more places open for my talk Nov 22nd, comes with a free silk screen. Book here! Click Pix to launch gallery! More soon! oxo gd

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It’s Official – My Show is A Success!

My Voodoo On You

My Voodoo On You

ink_d Gallery did a lovely write up on me lil ‘ol show on their blog! Well chuffed! Wow! Still in shock by all the response! Wasn’t expecting it! As I mentioned earlier, the show has now been extended until Nov 30th! So, if you haven’t had a chance to see it, there is still plenty o time! And also there are a few seats up for grabs for my talk on Nov 22nd!. So click the pic to read their sweet write up & book ur tix now for my Animation Odyssey!! Ok I’m off to do a glam photo shoot in the space! Wish me luck! More soon! oxo gd

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