Goin Back To Cali!

Well today I head out west, to the city I left my heart in – San Francisco! I have had a super chill week in the Deep South. Very relaxing, almost like a spa break… Lots of sun and heat, with the sweet fragrance of gardenias in the air. Now I’m all ready for the big group show!
Of course I am exhibiting pieces from my audio/visual installation – My Voodoo On You – which debuted at ink-d gallery last October. If you are not familiar with my work. This was a 5 year project starting with sound, animation, and then still objects – culminating in an all encompassing sound & vision capsule. An album, where each track has it’s own original piece of art, loosely illustrating the songs meaning… Above is the work for this track, the title of the show.

And below is the song for this piece – Almost & Maybes – a happy/ sad song – & def the most twangy off the Grande Dame album…
So super excited to come home to exhibit my work to my friends. Also looking forward to seeing the works by Mildred & Pacolli, & Jamie Bizness & Caroline Weaver! I will be showing 10 pieces total… 8 from my A/V show plus a couple new ones! The Last Summer runs until July 30th. And on the Private View night of June 5th I will have a few copies of my comic – The Trip, as well as a few box sets for sale. So To all my SF friends! Hope to see you at 111 Minna! oxo GD

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On My Way!

Well somehow I managed to get everything done for my upcoming journey & group show in San Francisco. I have never worked so hard in my life in such a short amount of time as I have done with this project! I still feel like I just got back from Nam & am quite relieved that I only have a long holiday in front of me, as any more work might send me to an early grave. I did a few new pieces for this exhibition, as 111 Minna is a massive space. The pic above is called Chickenman – it is a loose illustration of the track I wrote of the same name.

This piece is called “His Muscles Made My Stomach Flutter Like A Million Butterflies Goin Wild” – nice & compact title, short & sweet – ha! Of course it is from my spoken work & animated short – The Trip. Which if you haven’t seen, please do watch, but be forewarned, it is quite rude!
Saint Agatha – which I did for Amelia’s Magazine BookThat For Which We Do Not Understand – got a proper frame job and will be joining me across the pond.
And of course I had to include my new print – Mother Ship Connection – it nearly killed me making it. It had to come with!
With Booboo Beebee helping I managed to get everything packed and shipped! It’s now on it’s way! Gonna miss my little lambchop oodles, but I know he & tom cat will be well looked after. OK – See you soon Amerikee! oxo gd

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Planet of the Apes Meets Mayan Apocalypse!

MSUF2I did it! I finally finished my new screen print edition – Mother Ship Connection! I have NEVER worked so hard on one print in my entire life as I have done with this one. I am battered at the mo. Covered in cuts and bruises and every muscle, hair, and fibre in my being hurts – but all in all it was worth it! Cos I made THIS!!!! OMG!
deet1 6 Colour silk screen in flouro inks, hand pulled by yours truly, on Sommerset 300 GSM heavy weight paper. This was made by hand, so each print is slightly different, with varying colours and placements. It’s an edition of 20, and 10 are already spoken for, so only 10 are available…
MutherMantle I am trying to raise much needed funds to help with the cost of shipping my work to San Francisco for the upcoming group show I am in. So not only would you be buying a sick piece of work that will be the envy of all your friends – but you would be helping to support this hard working, truly independent artist! Just think – this could be your mantle! Available thru my Etsy shop. Now I need a rest! More soon! oxo GD

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Group Show at 111 Minna San Francisco!

TheLastSummerFlyer The clock is ticking, it’s countdown time for the opening of the group show I’m in – The Last Summer at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco! OMG! So excited!! Show opens June 5th & runs until July 30th. Looking forward to seeing the other work by Mildred & Pacolli, Jamie Bizness & Caroline Weaver too! Going to be a great show! I am literally on auto-pilot until I leave. Got some sick new pieces I’m super stoked about! But it’s non stop work from here on out. I’m just a machine ticking stuff off the list as I go… But I’m getting there! And the light at the end of the tunnel is the amazing journey I soon shall embark on… Visiting my former lovely home and friends in San Francisco! Doing some serious pool time in Palm Springs! Glamping in the wine country. Hookin up with peeps in LA. Chillin with my NYC/ Brooklyn Family! And beginning and ending with some good ol Southern Comfort! This is gonna be awesome! Watch this space! Click the pic for ifno! More soon… oxo GD

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Printing Fever…

MammaShip For the past 2 weeks I have been working away like a maniac on my new Silk Screen edition – Mother Ship Connection. I have been printing at the fabulous Arches Studio in Hastings. I won’t lie – I am a bit rusty. It’s been a couple of years since I screen printed all by my self. So many processes to set up and boy has time helped me forget some of them! But once I get in the groove – there is no stopping me!
Mammadeets It’s going to be a 6 color edition of 25 and I will be doing 4 colour ways. This is the first of 4. 1 more layer to go! Then it should be available next week! Yippie! Stay tuned! oxo gd

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Your Daily “Aww”……

Yesterday my darling fluffy lamb cloud teddy bear – Booboo Beebee turned 9 years old! Hard to believe we have been together for nearly a decade now! I made a little vid of his life in pictures – set to a song my mother composed as a child – Corn On The Cob. This was the lullaby version that did not make it onto the GD album. But amazing performance by Petar Zivkovic on keys & the lap steel maestro – Melvin Duffy! Enjoy! And Happy Bidet again to my lovely wooly companion! oxo gd

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My Clown Shoes In The News

MICHELLE KEEGAN - RSH Yesterday I posted a picture of UK Soap Actress Michelle Keegan wearing my Isis design wedges for Terry de Havilland. Well today it is an actual story in the Daily Mail that she wore the Coco Clown Shoes! Ha! The headline is – “What a circus! Michelle Keegan jazzes up pretty lemon dress with crazy clown shoes as she juggles a busy day” – Cracks me up!
She posted a pic on her instagram feed and that made it into the story too – “The 27-year-old actress wowed in a lemon midi dress as she arrived at the ITV Studios to film an appearance for Alan Carr’s Chatty Man.
But the real style statement was Michelle’s choice of shoes, with the star gushing over her designer clown print heels on Instagram.” Over 36,000 people have liked the photo but there are some funny comments under the pic – esp from foot fetishists! Ha! Funny, I wore them yesterday too! Must have been International Clown shoe day! :) More soon… oxo GD

Editors Update – Seems the Clown Shoes are making headlines all over the Tabloids! They’re actual stories in OK & Look Mags! And loads of other celeb journo sites too. Mental! Extra Extra! Actress Wears Wacky Clown Shoes! Ha Ha!

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